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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Right vs. Left

Green parties tend to fall more to the left in the political spectrum, but nowadays one can hardly find a party that has not included enviromental action plan into their platform. Actually green parties around the world have achieved their goal by simply existing. That has forced others to take their viewpoints into consideration. Green parties therefore have moved little towards the center and embrased other social and economical matters. This varies from country to country but generally the fundamentalism about environment has declined within green parties. This is the fashion in EU.

In U.S the case seems to be different.

Environmental protection doesn't have to be a left-versus-right issue, but in the 35 years since the first Earth Day, it certainly has been.
Amy Ridenour's national center blog, April 09

Environmental protection is not left-versus-right issue.


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Katlinny said...

I do hope that one day they will establsih a proper Green Party in Estonia as well, that who would at least draw some attention to the environmental issues; which at the moment are getting almost zero attention. I think that Green parties should not so much fight to get into the parliament, but rather should increase people's awareness of such important issues.


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