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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Claciers do melt.

All over the net one can find blogs, newsarticles, message boards that debate if Global Warming is actually human caused or not. Here is one example... Blog for Bush

What people seem to forget is that regardless of this globe is for sure getting warmer. In some 30 years when claciers melt alltogether and the sealevel rises aproximately 7 meters. This problem is real and threathning. Instead energy seems to be wasted into fighting if human emissions are the reason or is it simply a planetary change we cannot influence.

Would it be wise to take the risk and try to prevent the process by reducing emissions, if in the end those who think humans cause the warming are after all right? I am starting to gather a stock of swimming suits for future. Helsinki is sinking to hell. (this comment is a joke, all religiously enlightened readers do not fret)


At 10:34 PM, Blogger Finnpundit said...

The same thing happened 10,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age. There is no evidence to suggest that the planet is NOT subject to constant climate fluctuations throughout its life.

The politics of climate change is just that: politics. And what we need to ask is whose ideology is being touted?

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Fennorama said...

Hi J.!

I'm actually rather pessimistic as far as the causes of global warming and the future of our planet are concerned. I'm sure this time the reason is not normal global climatic change as has been in the past. There are too many evidences pointing to this change being man-induced.

Besides, even if global warming itself was not caused directly by our cars, factories and refridgerators, there are many other disastrous consequences from our consumptionism anyway. Global warming would be the worst but we still are cutting down rainforests (direct influence on global climate) and polluting our waters.

That's why I am pessimistic and think that it might be too late to make any effective changes. The societies and people of today are used to the things they have and developing countries are getting there. This cycle is unlikely to change.

If the worst scenario takes place, in 100-200 years at most our planet will be a barren, dry raisin in space without forests and people will have disappeared due to uncontrolled, new diseases and lack of clean food, water and air. These things cannot be imported or replaced and these are the things we are currently destroying so it does not look very promising, does it?

(Diving with dolphins and eating bananas out of trees would be the ideal way but not very realistic:)

Cheers, K. of Helsinki

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