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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Accepting the facts

When we take a look at the media coverage that concerns global warming there are huge differences between the countries. Coverage within EU is mainly concentrated on reporting the phenomenas and possible means to fight against them. Process of implementing Kyoto protocol and political desisions concerning the issue. One quite interesting fact is that there is no debate about whether or not humans really influence to global warming or not. Eu seems to have accepted the fact that the case is so. Perhaps this is because EU has already implemented the protocol and started the process, the political lobbying agains the protocol is waste time and money.

On the contrary in U.S the debate about the human influence is very hot. This probably is because it still is usefull for Kyoto opposers to arouse suspicion towards the whole thing. The interesting fact is what in the end is so different between U.S and EU that the coverage is so contrary. In healthy democratic system only relevant issues are brought to debate. The absense of suspicion in the press with in EU towards if human actually influence global warming or not is probably a sign that political climate is little bit more healthy than in U.S.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger Finnpundit said...

As Bjorn Lomborg has shown, it still has not been proved that human activity is the cause for climate change. The fact that the EU insists that it is... is a sign that the whole Kyoto process was in fact an anti-US initiative that had nothing to do with responsible environmentalism.


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