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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Trading poop

Britain's opposition shadow enviromental secretary has a new "roadmap" to reduce the emisissions in UK. It is a welcome viewpoint overall but question is if it simply is there to gain popularity among the voters. Next elections are to be held in June 2006.
"In a keynote speech on Monday, the shadow environment secretary pledged to put Britain back on track to meet its Kyoto protocol targets. A second priority would be securing international agreement on the way forward beyond Kyoto, he said. Yeo said he was personally committed to protecting the environment, and was becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of global warming. The shadow spokesman also called for an end to "warm words" on the issue and criticised the government for its addiction to rhetoric and targets without a coherent and credible plan of action."

UK as a memeber of European union has emission trading shemes for companies to reduce the numbers to reach the Kioto treaty. Current sheme is for years 1998-2006, first year the achievement was a reduction of 4.64 million tonnes CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) Emission trading scheme is a way to help countries to achieve their individual goals of Kioto treaty. Companies are allowed to buy and sell emissions, prozes are defined according to the rules of market.
Question is how this affects to the development of trade in EU and poorer EU member states. Desired goal would be if those countries especially new EU member whose economy is developing fast would target gained money to the development of green industry. Will this happen remains to be seen.

sources: Defra EU


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