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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Greenpeace, a good cause by wrong means?

Greenpeace remains to be the most visible organisation to promote the caring for out environmental future. Press pictures the organisation as very fanatic and loud group of environmental freaks. Sometimes this certainly is true, in situations where individuals chain themselves to the trees in order to prevent them from being chopped down. Or to the fishing ships for that matter.

They seem to fight for good causes, but are the means nessessary the right ones? World does not change in a second at least not very often.

Here is a quote from Greenpeace web pages concerning the Kioto negotiations.

"Vested interests like the fossil fuel industry and heavy energy users interfered and obstructed at every turn. Oil producing nations such as Saudi Arabia kept up a constant whine for compensation for loss of oil revenue and politicians of all persuasions ducked and dived and tried to avoid any decisions they thought would make them unpopular at home."

What do they expect? Politicians are always protecting the interest of their own and sometimes perhaps interests of their own countries. What is the strategy of greenpeace, is it to appeal on a common people or to the ultimate enviromental activists. The radical "chain yourself on a tree" attitude is questionable action to get the common people to their side. Radicals are there already anyeway. After all average person is concerned of environment but not really in to the radical activity.

My suggestion to greenpeace is to re-evaluate its strategy. In 80's radicalism was interesting, but 20 years later the world is diffrent. It seems that those, moderate organisations such as green parties in different countries are suffering because of radical imago of greenpeace. After all there is a certain link between these groups. Past elections have shown that enviromental parties have stuck with few seats in the parliaments and are doomed to sit in the opposition.


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